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The Company

The company based in Sandrigo, in the heart of the Vicenza district, has on its mission the concept of fashion, culture and design by creating a brand that reflects the excellence of Vicenza jewellery in gold, diamonds and precious gems.

The founder, Dr. Maria Loretta De Toni, has been known for years in the industry for her constant commitment as a designer and creator of Jewels with “a soul” inspired by the different cultures of the world by the decorative elements reflecting a deep connection between art and nature.
Maria De Toni’s dream is to spread her jewels for Peace, crossing geographical and cultural boundaries.

Her 18kt Gold Jewels are made in the wake of the strong Italian goldsmith tradition, where inspiration is drawn from the artisan and artistic cultures of different countries and cultures and characterized by exclusive finishes handmade, enriched with semiprecious stones.

Maria De Toni’s corporate mission has found breeding ground in the international design competitions events upon goldsmith culture, by the creation of the “Jewel for Peace” for UNESCO in 2000, in the 2004 book and exhibition “Le Vie dell’Oro – Vicenza, Venezia La Serenissima e l’Oriente (1404-2004)”.

Maria Loretta De Toni is the ambassador of an ” Integrated Economy for the Relaunch of Made in Italy” thanks to the realization of the guide to the exhibition “Luxury with the Eye of the East (1000-2000)”, and with conferences on the revival of Made In Italy by Goldsmith Identity in the world in Rome, Palermo and Dubai in 2011 and with the exhibition in 2016 during the Vicenza Fair.

Maria De Toni promotes a new Renaissance between East and West with the international diffusion of its collections of Gold jewellery of contemporary and high stylistic designs, enriched by new glamorous lines thanks to the recent acquisition of the historic brand Auritalia, founded in 1987.
Maria De Toni company operates in Italy and exports 96% of its designer Jewellery 14kt, 18kt, 21kt and 22kt Gold towards Europe, the Middle and Far East, North and South America, through distributors, chain stores and TV net. It is associated with Confindustria of Vicenza and present in the main jewellery international events: VicenzaOro Show January and September, JGT Dubai Show February and Oroarezzo Show May.



Every jewel deserves a presentation worthy of its name. For this reason, Maria De Toni also takes care of the detail in visual merchandising from the showcase display of the jewel, from the refined color and sophisticated material. Be amazed by the class and elegance of Maria De Toni jewels.

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