Maria Loretta De Toni, Founder and President of Maria De Toni Srl, has chosen as her mission the combination of Culture&Business.

Maria Loretta

De Toni

Maria De Toni, Jewel designer and curator of goldsmith exhibitions, aims, with her international team of professionals and academics, to spread integrated economy projects that can create positive influences in the markets and in the different cultures and peoples of the world creating innovative jewels “with a soul”.
The goal is to create an economic – cultural Renaissance between East and West.

“Art is elegance and mystery but also a key to a world in constant evolution:

all our jewels contain the essence and power that only knowledge can hold”


The soul of


Surprise yourself with our jewels, discover all the collections.

Cleopatra & Antonio

The story of Cleopatra & Antonio is among the most famous love stories of all time, the source of inspiration for this collection of Gold jewellery with an exclusive design. Let yourself be enchanted by the symbol that the snake expresses, through the feminine seduction and the ancient bond of love between the Empire of Egypt and Rome. The particular acanthus leaf engraving practiced by the Vicenza goldsmiths recalls the decorations of the Domus Aurea of Roman architecture that embellishes the snake.

The myth of Lion

The Maria De Toni Brand tells about the mythical animals through its gold jewels. The main character of this collection is the Lion, the symbolic representation of the Evangelist Mark and symbol of Venice and its ancient Republic. The Lion, bearer of wisdom and Peace, is the King of animals and emphasizes strength and courage as the typical distinctive features of the Maria De Toni Srl company.
The Myth of Lion Collection is on display at the Jewellery Museum of Vicenza.

The Black Panther

The “Black Panther, the light in the night By Maria De Toni” collection, with Gold and precious stones interprets the values of the guardian of the night through the symbol of the black panther, which overcomes any fear with the feminine seduction and light emanating from his eyes. Make the night bright, thanks to your feminine energy that is released in the light of courage.

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  • Creativity and Design Award at the OroArezzo Premiere in May 2022:

    The award ceremony, chaired by the public figure Jo Squillo, sees Maria De Toni and her son Piero among the top three winners for creativity and design with the exclusive collection “Sanpietrini”.

    International Conference of Gold at the Armani Hotel of Dubai

    Piero represents Italy together with institutional figures of the Italian Government at the World Gold Convention organized at the Armani Hotel in Dubai on 21.11.2021.

    The Project – ITALIA D’ORO (Golden Italy) BY MARIA DE TONI – Interview Gold Italy 21-23 October 2017

    The new collection Glittering Love brings light of beauty and love through the circles linked together, by disclosing the “diamond cutting by hand” technique of Vicenza tradition. It is the feminine seduction inspiring the Black Panther line. The project Italia d’Oro (Golden Italy), supported by Maria De Toni, is the philosophy of the company, aiming to bring back gold as a “new” added value into Italian jewellery shops.


    VicenzaOro Event September 2017 – In 2017 the Maria De Toni company, as Ambassador of Cultures, joins actively the VicenzaOro event and confirms itself as a promoter of local and Vicenza art through the production of High Jewellery.


    Exhibition held at VOD Dubai by the curator Dr. Maria Loretta De Toni from Maria De Toni Srl in collaboration with Fiera di Vicenza.

    Catalogue copyrights ©2016 by Maria Loretta De Toni & Piero Speggiorin.

    All rights reserved.


    Conference catalogue by the curator Dr. Maria Loretta De Toni, event organized by Maria De Toni Srl at Park Hyatt Dubai (UAE) on 6.12.2011 in association with the UAE Government, the Embassy of Italy to the UAE and Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group as part of the 40th Anniversary of the UAE UNITY (1971-2011) Celebrations under the auspices of the President of the Italian Republic. Sponsors: Maria De Toni Srl, Goldy Jewellery, Al Fayhaa Jewellery, Mahmoudzadeh Jewellery, Vicenzasped International Agency Srl, Agibroker Srl.


    Catalog of the Entrepreneurial and Governmental Conference conceived and edited by Dr. Maria Loretta De Toni in collaboration with Donatella Rigon (art photo), the Federico II Palermo Foundation, ARS. Conference held in Palermo, Palazzo Reale, 18 May 2011 with the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Federico II Foundation, ARS, the University and Confindustria of Palermo, the Presidency of the Sicilian Region, the Veneto Region and the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and of the President of the Republic.

    Organization of international exhibitions and conferences for the relaunch of Made in Italy in collaboration with national periodicals through interviews, dossiers and publications. Organization of the Conference “Integrated Economy for the relaunch of Made in Italy” in Rome, Italy, Palazzo Ferrajoli on October 21st 2010 and catalog of the photographic exhibition of Entrepreneurs and illustrious names “Illuminati” in collaboration with Maria De Toni Srl, Mondolibero Group and Photo Art by D. Rigon.

    Luxury with the eye of the East: luxury through an oriental eye (1000-2000)

    Guide to the exhibition ” Luxury with the Eye of the East (1000-2000), an international project of integrated economy designed and curated by Dr. Maria Loretta De Toni in collaboration with Dr. Stefano Carboni,the historian / artist Giulietta Cozzi, the orientalist Dr. Cristina Del Mare and Prof. Spalek, with the patronage of Vicenza Fair and Confindustria of Vicenza.

    “Palladio e l’Oriente” jewel for the international event “n. X 500, designers interpret Andrea Palladio” (1508-2008 celebration of 500 years since the birth of the famous Vicenza architect Palladio) organized by Officina Eventi.

    INTEGRATED ECONOMY – The Ways of Gold : Vicenza, the Serenissima and the Orient (1404-2004)

    Exhibition and Catalog “The Ways of Gold – Vicenza, ‘The Serenissima’ and the Orient (1404-2004)”, 11 January – 31 March 2004 at Palazzo Chiericati, Civic Museum of Vicenza, curator Dr. Maria Loretta De Toni in collaboration with the orientalist Dr. Cristina Del Mare and the historian/artist Giulietta Cozzi, with the patronage of the Veneto Region, the Province, the City and Fiera di Vicenza. Exhibition realized as part of the celebrations of the sixth centenary of the entry of Vicenza into the Republic of Venice in the year 1404.

    Curator of the catalogue and exhibition ” Le Vie dell’Oro-Vicenza, “La Serenissima” e l’Oriente (1404-2004)”, 11 January – 31 March 2004 at Palazzo Chiericati (Civic Museum of Vicenza), with the patronage of the Veneto Region, the Province, the City and the Vicenza Jewellery Fair, in collaboration with the orientalist Dr. Cristina Del Mare and the jewellery historian Giulietta Cozzi.

    Creation of 20 artistic drawings on the poetics of His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, in collaboration with G. Cozzi, created for the yacht of S. A.

    Creation of the Jewel for Peace to UNESCO in support of the 2000 Manifesto for Peace and No Violence spread worldwide.

    Honorary member of the “Who’s Who of Professional” and speaker at the congress held in Orlando, Florida with: ” Business & Culture for Love and Peace in the World”: International projects of economic-cultural globalization by H. P.-Art.

    1999-2000: International Goldsmith Design Competition on Arab Culture directed by the Architects Afra and Tobia Scarpa, thanks to it is obtained the Certificate of the United Nations (G. E. C.) as a project of economic-cultural globalization.

    International Goldsmith Design Competition on African Culture and related Exhibition.

    Finalist of the Guggenheim Prize “Business & Culture”: The Cultural Renaissance is celebrated through the business and the jewel, thanks to the artistic projects that promote local artists within the company.

    Spontaneous, open, innovative artistic movement, was born from the inspiration of Maria Loretta De Toni with the aim to enhance local artists and to create within Auritalia the combination of Art & Jewellery, through events in Ville Palladiane and in public areas such as the Vicenza Jewellery Fair. The first exhibition of the movement took place in June 1998 at Villa Goldi Malinverni in Lugo Vicentino.

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